Compared with traditional constant/variable displacement pump systems, the servo pump system combines servo motor's fast stepless speed regulating and hydraulic pump's self pressure adjusting, bringing tremendous energy savings which can reach up to 80%.

1. Position repetition accuracy: Fast response guarantees the mold-closed/opening accuracy; accuracy of the end ejection position can reach to 0.1 mm. An injection accuracy of 0.3% can be achieved with additional accuracy molds.
2. Pressure control accuracy: Highly accurate and responsive PID module guarantees a stable system pressure which fluctuates within ±0.5 bar, thus greatly improving the formation quality of plastic products.

High Efficiency
1. High efficiency arising from high rotational speed. The pump's output flow can be increased by increasing the motor's rotational speed, thus improving the running speed of the entire machine.
2. Fast response

Under the control of the excellent PID module, the injection molding machine with servo pump system is of much lower noise than a common one. When configured with a low-noise screw pump, the injection molding machine can reach a noise of below 70dB, which greatly improves the working environment.

Distinctive multi-pump converging control
1. Intelligent control — Multi-pump converging/synchronization can be realized in the same machine set.
2. Easy communication parameter debugging — User only needs to define the master and slave pumps.
3. Easy pressure response debugging — User only needs to adjust the pressure response parameter of the master pump.
4. Linkage alarm — The master pump displays the station where alarm occurs.
5. Pressure holding control, which can cut off the operations of the slave pump intelligently

Drive & Control Solutions for Injection Molding Machines