• Power range;18.5 to 400kW (G type) (to be launched:0.4 to 15 kW;450 to 630 kW)
  • Wide range of voltage; rated voltage three-phase 380 to 480V, 50/60 Hz
  • Adapt leading technology platform and realize optimization of structure
  • In-built DC reactor for drive up to 400 kW;optional in-built braking for drive up to 75 kW
  • Accurate and excellent vector control algorithm realizes high-accuracy/response control of motor speed and torque
  • Realize operation with complete or half separation of V/F, meeting requirements of power supply output with variable frequency/voltage
  • Strict design specifications that guarantee product reliability
  • Enhanced EMC performance of whole drive,meeting international anti-interference test standart of EN61800-3C2
  • With CE certification;meet UL certification requirements
  • Flexible functions of I/O terminals;extensible to various PG cards,
  • PLC card and communication cards;with specialized easy-to-use monitoring software

Inovance MD Series Compact AC Drives